Metal/wheel cleaner..

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Metal/wheel cleaner..
Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:25 pm


This stuff has good results for cleaning brake dust etc off metal and wheels. Its 10% hydrochloric acid, so don't leave it on for long. Ive seen the results first hand and am quite impressed. Better than Wonder Wheels as its a gel and stays put while it works.


My wheels rims are polished alloy and as such get an annual Brasso wadding rub then a power mop coated with white jewellers rouge.

Actually, this is the best metal polish I've ever used. Its way better than Autoglym or that awful Solvol Autosol that just leaves a "black" shine everywhere, especially on alloy. Ever seen the stunning polished alloy bodied RR at Beaulieu? This is what they use.
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